LEGO Minifigures Online opens beta registrations

You won’t be able to play LEGO Minifigures Online just yet, but publisher Funcom has launched beta registrations, so you can get your foot in the door. At this stage, there’s no date for the beta launch, but once it starts, it will roll on all the way to next year’s launch, with new gamers added as required.

In case you missed the memo, the upcoming blocky MMO will feature LEGO-themed worlds, so you can get your Pirate, Space, or Medieval fix, all in a handy toy chest.

The game’s Executive Producer, Lawrence Poe, explains:

We are heading into very exciting times. Closed Beta is first and foremost an incredibly important tool which allows us to receive valuable feedback from our audience, feedback that we can use to improve the experience and make it the best possible game before we launch it to the masses. The whole team is looking forward to opening the door and letting players come in and experience some of the great stories, content and gameplay that we are creating.

The news is bittersweet for LEGO MMO fans – LEGO Universe was the last great attempt at such an ambitious project. Plagued with issues (including a low subscriber count), LEGO Universe was taken offline in January 2012.

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