SimCity: New regions, fewer Random Disasters

Believe it or not, SimCity is up to Update 8.0, which is rolling out today and bringing with it a whole bunch of cool stuff. Sure, everybody’s idea of “cool stuff” is relative, but four new regions to build in is pretty universally great.

These new regions are being added “in celebration” of the Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack, even though that’s not out for a little while yet. Starting today, you’ll get two new desert-themed regions (complete with dry brush, cacti and fewer water resources), and two tropical ones (long coastlines, palm trees!). One of each also features multiple Freeway entrances, if you want to experiment with your layout.

  • Serenity Key – 6 city island region
    A tropical island region centered around a long dormant volcano. Each of the three islands has two cities on it, so boats will be vital to trading with your neighbors. The city sites were made flat and easy for players to experiment with MegaTowers, OmegaCo, and The Academy.
  • Rambling Badlands – 14 city desert region
    This desert valley region was created to provide opportunities for our competitive players. There are two clusters of seven cities in this region separated by a natural barrier. Each cluster has a great work that the other cluster can see. Race to complete the great work and show off to your neighbors.
  • Verdant Jungle – 8 city jungle region
    The jungle meets the sea in this eight city region. A cluster of four cities in the mountains looks down on another cluster of four cities along the coastline. The city sites in this region provide more of a challenge for city builders looking to clear back the jungle.
  • Desolation – 7 city lake region
    Desolation is a desert region recovering from a nuclear disaster. Most cities will take advantage of the natural desert canyon land beauty. Only an expert mayor should take on the challenge at the bottom of the crater in the Fallout Epicenter city site. New buildings from Cities of Tomorrow should help with this challenge.
  • There’s a few other bits and pieces added, too – like a Roman Casino and a Concert Hall – but there’s one that’s particularly useful: The ability to disable Random Disasters while in Normal game mode.

    Random Disasters are ENABLED by default and can be disabled through the in game options. Players disabling random disasters in pre-existing cities may experience one additional disaster after making the change. This is due to the way disasters are queued within the system. New cities created after disabling random disasters and cities that have experienced the additional disaster should no longer experience further incidents.

    For the full changelog, check out the SimCity Forums, or if you’re happy just to take it as it comes, fire up SimCity and check out what’s new!

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