Samorost 3 dated …for 2015

In March 2011, Amanita Design announced three new games. The first, Osada, was released a little later that year. The second, Botanicula, launched in 2012. Today, the Czech studio has announced that Samorost 3, the third game and arguably the most anticipated, will not be ready until 2015.

This is a sneaky peek at what’s in store – it’s the third in a series of adorable point-and-click adventure games set in strange, outer-space worlds and starring a little astronaut dude. Like Amanita’s other projects – including Machinarium – the unique, atmospheric art style and dreamy music have set Samorost games apart from other titles, with developer Jakub Dvorský known to take his time to get things perfect.

This time, we just wish his standards weren’t quite so high – but we’ll wait until 2015 to see Samorost 3 on PC, Mac, iOS and Android, because it will be completely worth it.

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