Honeymoon is over: EA, Tiger Woods to split

They’ve stuck together through some pretty rough times, but – after a partnership spanning more than a decade, EA Sports and Tiger Woods are going their separate ways. The decision will see next year’s PGA Tour golf game released without the famous golfer’s name attached, while EA continues to work with the brand as a whole.

The news marks the end of Woods’ six-year contract with the publisher, signed back in 2006. A statement from EA wishes Woods “continued success in all his future endeavours”, while dropping a few hints about what the future might hold.

EA SPORTS golf fans have always loved authentic courses and players, but they’ve also asked for more choice and customization in how and where they play. We’re working on a new approach to deliver the best golf experience to our fans — we think you’ll love it, and so we’re excited to share the first screenshot of our next generation golf game currently in development.

Next year's PGA Tour (top) compared to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 (bottom)

Next year’s PGA Tour (top) compared to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 (bottom)

Beyond the fact it’s promised for mobile and next-generation consoles, there are no real details about the upcoming golfing title (the most recent, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, was released in March this year), but we’re expecting plenty more on this “stunning and immersive game” in the coming months.

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