Pokémon X&Y save bug squished in title update

…and speaking of Pokémon, gamers have been getting annoyed over a rare save bug that’s been affecting anyone who tries to save their game outside in Lumiose City. Happily, Nintendo has rushed out a title update for both Pokémon X and Y, that squishes the bug and makes it safe to save once more.

Lumiose City in Pokémon X&Y

Lumiose City in Pokémon X&Y – The blue shaded area is affected by the save bug.

The bug – if you’re lucky enough to have not encountered it – is relatively rare, but is known to make save game files completely inaccessible. It affects both physical retail versions of the games, as well as digital downloads, and impacts both titles.

All is not lost! To grab the update, you can either head directly to the 3DS eShop and snag it there, or you can load up the game, go to the game updates menu and download the update from there.

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