Pokémon sales drop sharply after strong start

It seems that just about everyone who wanted Pokémon X and Y rushed out and picked it up at launch. Japanese sales figures for the game have dropped off significantly in its second week on shelves – but the numbers are still nothing to laugh at.

Japanese sales tracker Media Create (via Siliconera) has checked out the figures and reports that sales have dropped off by a whopping 75% in week 2, bringing total retail sales of the twin games to a none-too-shabby 2.34 million.

It’s believed that Nintendo has partially sabotaged its own sales – X & Y were released shortly after the rather-similar Monster Hunter 4, with cash-strapped gamers initially forced to choose between the two.

Historically speaking, this isn’t an unusual trend for a Pokémon release – 2010’s Black/White dropped by 70% in its second week. As we saw then, sales of X&Y are expected to even out over time.

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