Star Wars MMO reclaims dormant names

If you haven’t checked in on your Star Wars: The Old Republic character in a while, you might like to do that now. BioWare is set to reclaim a number of character names, and if you haven’t logged in for a month or two, it might be yours in the spotlight.

Titled a “Character Name Renewal”, and set to happen on November 12th, BioWare explains it’s simple. If you do not currently have a paid subscription to The Old Republic, your character may well be about to have its name stolen. If you managed to grab a great title before anyone else did, you’d better still be playing with that character!

If you are a free-to-play user, your character is below level 10, and you haven’t logged in for 60 days, you’re looking at a renewal. If you’re above level 10 but below level 30, you’re in trouble if you haven’t played in the past 120 days. If you’ve already passed level 30, you’re safe (for now).

Are you a Preferred Status player? Your under 10 character is at risk if you haven’t played within the past 90 days, or under-30 character that hasn’t played within 180. Again – 30+ players are unaffected.

Characters who fit the above criteria won’t be renamed straight away, but they will be flagged for impending renaming. At this stage, it seems like any new player who wants to use your name will be able to – and the next time you log in, your identity will have been removed. Your character will remain, as will all of your customisations and gear, but nobody will know what to call them.

If you don’t want this to happen, the solution is simple: Start playing again! Alternatively, simply log in to each one of your characters (this is character-specific, remember – even if you’re currently playing another character on the same account, you’ll still need to check in with each one), any time before November 11th at 11:59pm PST/7:59am GMT (What’s that in my timezone?)

…the other solution: Subscribe. People with an active, paid-up subscription to Star Wars: The Old Republic are happily unaffected by all of this. Just another perk!

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