DualShock 4 scraps pressure-sensitive buttons

Since 1997, Sony has featured analogue buttons on its gaming controllers. These were pressure sensitive – meaning that you had a whole ‘nother way of controlling the action, if a developer chose to give you that power. Problem is, developers typically didn’t bother, so the new DualShock 4 controller will feature digital buttons, capable of registering only two states: On and Off.

[img_big]center,132,2010-11-15/008.png,Gran Turismo 5[/img_big]

A game that did use the pressure-sensitivity of previous controllers is Gran Turismo 5 – you’re able to accelerate gradually, by increasing pressure on the DualShock 3 shoulder buttons.

In future versions of the game – and, indeed, for all PS4 titles – this won’t be an option.

Toshimasa Aoki, manager of the product planning division at Sony, laughingly explained to VentureBeat:

With the DualShock 3, we were able to get analog data, which games didn’t really use. For DualShock 4, we deleted that, and now it’s all digital. The mechanism inside is a little different, and the data that games get is different.

The DualShock 4 will feature the same iconic face buttons – X, Square, Triangle and Circle – and they’ve been designed to feel much the same as those on the DualShock 3. One subtle difference sees Square and Circle bumped just a little bit closer to each other. Nobody apparently realised that the four buttons did not form a perfect circle in earlier designs, but fans obsessed with four-way symmetry can relax now, as each button is an equal distance from the others. Finally.

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