Plants vs. Zombies 2 lurches onto Android

More than 25 million PopCap fans with iOS devices have been happily thwarting the second coming of the undead for months now, so it’s only fair that Android gamers can get in on all the fun, too. Plants vs. Zombies 2 has finally hit Google Play, so you’ve got no excuse.

We’re promised all of the same features and functionality on the new platform, which includes the controversial pay-to-play mechanic. You’ll be able to face every zombie and play on every level of PvZ2 without handing over a cent – but things do get easier if you do. Upgrades, in-game items and other unlocks are available for real-money purchase, a change that has upset many long-time fans.

The reason for the Android delay has never been fully explained. Earlier this year, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau claimed that Apple had given the studio a “truckload of money” to guarantee a lengthy period of iOS exclusivity – something Apple has fervently denied.

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