Candy Box 2 set for launch tomorrow

If you have anything to do for the remainder of the week, it might be worth trying to get it all done today. A sequel to the epic ASCII-art browser RPG Candy Box launches tomorrow, with developer aniwey promising more of the same addictive gameplay we dedicated hours to, six months ago.

Candy Box 2


The original game started off simply enough, with gamers earning candies with every second. These candies could be eaten, thrown away, or used as currency to buy more exciting items, like lollipops or swords. Everything was useful (in some way) as gamers headed out on quests, fought monsters and uncovered secrets.

While there will be more of the same – “candies, swords, epic quests, enigmas, secrets, and even lolligators (they are like alligators but their tails are shaped like lollipops)” – there’s one major difference between Candy Boxes 1 and 2. As further incentive to actually finish the game this time around, aniwey has thrown in an area featuring quests written by your fellow gamers. It’s hoped this will “lead to great challenges for the hardcore gamers out there”.

Anyone with some programming knowledge will be able to write a quest, and if it is original enough I will add it to the game so that everyone can play to it. And if you don’t know how to code, maybe you could team up with a programmer?

Candy Box 2 promises “More candies than you’ll ever be able to eat,” and is set to be launched in around 24 hours, as part of GameCity in Nottingham, England. You’ll be able to play it at – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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