GTA V Full PC Game + Crack infects thousands

Be wary: Rockstar Games has still not said anything official about a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V – but that’s not stopping “leaked versions” popping up online. While the 18GB file looks legitimate enough, it is – of course – a virus-packed scam.

[img_big]center,8614,2013-05-08/12804.jpg,Grand Theft Auto V[/img_big]

Online scammers are always quick to pounce when they see there’s a demand for something, and the 500,000+ gamers who want GTA V on PC were an easy target.

The file – discoverable through most torrent websites – is convincing in size, and even features a working setup.exe file. WCCF Tech reports that “thousands” of gamers have downloaded the file, potentially infecting their gaming rigs with malware, viruses and who-knows-what.

Of course, that’s just the installer. This one’s being advertised as “GTA V Full PC Game + Crack“, and it packs a double-punch.

To get the “crack”, gamers are redirected via .txt file to a third-party website which claims to have the information. What it actually has: A pile of surveys and adware designed to make money for the scammers.

It’s simple, elegant, and will potentially snag many thousands of unsuspecting victims who want to play GTA V on PC without having to pay for it.

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