Rabbids Big Bang brings pesky critters to mobile

Want more Rabbids? We’ve got more Rabbids! Rabbids Big Bang might not contain the secrets of how the universe began, but it might just keep you occupied for a while on your mobile device, thanks to Ubisoft.

As you might expect from the name, Big Bang is a physics-based puzzler, using the same engine that’s used in Trials Evolution. With a little help from RedLynx, the little critters can zip around, using jetpack boosts to counter the gravitational pull of entire planets – avoiding (or causing) catastrophic accidents! You’ll fly around, explore the edges of the galaxy, and take the adventure with you for the first time.

The game itself has been developed by Ubisoft Paris: A “dedicated team of Rabbids lovers” who have either worked on previous Rabbids games or other mobile titles. Expect 150 different missions, full of planet crash-landings, high-speed action and using space cows as trampolines. Customise your game (including your jetpacks), and deck out your Rabbid in the latest fashion – disguises, new outfits and funny looks abound!

…and while you can pick it up right now, the game’s not actually finished. Ubisoft has promised “extensive support” for the game extending into the months after release, so Rabbids Big Bang will be kept fresh and exciting for a while yet.

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