What's on Player Attack TV – Friday October 18

Want to know what’s on Player Attack this week? Well, here you go – a quick look at what you can expect from the next episode of Australia’s newest video games TV series!

Our first look at Titanfall [Redacted] Grand Theft Auto V: Your protagonists
Titanfall / Watch_Dogs / Grand Theft Auto V

This week, we look at two of the world’s most exciting next-generation games. Abbie Heppe tells us all about Titanfall, on the way from Respawn Entertainment, full of mechs and pilots and multiplayer goodness. Jimmy the Geek catches up with Kevin Shortt, lead writer on Watch_Dogs, who tells us more about what to do in Chicago with a smartphone (this happened before the delay announcement, by the way!).

Don’t go thinking there are no good games out right now: Jonny Robot heads to Los Santos for the Player Attack review of Grand Theft Auto V.

We’ve got a year’s supply of Mother energy drinks cluttering up the office – want to win it? …and, of course, we have all the latest gaming news for you as well!

How to watch Player Attack:
In Australia: Friday nights on Aurora at 9pm AEST (8:30 SA, 6pm WA).
In New Zealand: Friday nights on FaceTV at 9:30pm.
Online: Any time at PlayerAttack.com, or on YouTube!

Player Attack is also on Facebook and Twitter, so there’s no excuse not to be up to date!

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