Flower, flOw floating over to Vita, PS4

Sony Santa Monica has been working hard behind the scenes, bringing beloved PS3 games to both PS4 and Vita. First up: Four Sony-published indie titles – Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes and Escape Plan – and, thanks to Cross-Buy, if you’ve already got the game you want on PS3, you won’t have to buy it again to get the new platforms.

Santa Monica’s Nathan Gary explains that the “beautiful, meditative” Flower is headed to both bonus platforms from November 15th, where it will be joined by Sound Shapes as part of the PS4 launch lineup – flOw is headed to both a little later, from November 29th.

But wait, that’s not all. Escape Plan, the dark, funny PS Vita survival game from Fun Bits Interactive, will be making the jump to the big screen and will launch on PS4 on November 29th. We have spent a lot of time reworking the controls for DualShock 4, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

Following some less-than-thrilling news about the upcoming PlayStation 4 launch lineup, this is a ray of sunshine for early adopters – but will it be enough to convince fans to pick up the new console?

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