War of the Vikings rewards beards, adds classes

Do you have a beard? Paradox Interactive wants YOU to feature in their upcoming game, War of the Vikings. No, seriously. Even though we’ve been told that Vikings didn’t all have beards, the studio is still running a competition to add some real-world beards to the in-game world.

Titled the “Beastliest and Bestest Beard Competition“, Paradox would like ambitious beard cultivators to share their personal grooming achievements.

In other, Viking-y news, a new update for the game’s Early Access program has seen the addition of three new profile loadouts. The most exciting of these? The Champion class, which brings with it a hefty, deadly, Dane Axe.

Remember, Early Access is a way for you to take a sneaky peek at War of the Vikings before it’s officially finished. This means that while it might have a bug or two, it’s also an opportunity for you to shape development. Your feedback will directly affect the course of the game!

Want in on all of this? For more details on the War of the Vikings beard competition, head to the official Paradox Facebook page – or to jump into the Viking/Saxon Early Access war, you’ll have to pick it up on Steam.

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