New Vita uses micro USB cable to charge

Wait for it: The new model PlayStation Vita will use a micro USB port to charge, moving away from Sony‘s typical proprietary hardware. Instead, it looks like the PCH-2000 series handheld will use more standard smartphone cables, which means one less cord on your desk.

The Vita PCH-2000 showing a micro USB port

The Vita PCH-2000 showing a micro USB port

The news came via outspoken Sony president Shuhei Yoshida, who posted the picture to Twitter.

You’ll be glad: when using a PS Vita 2000, it can be charged [with a] smartphone Micro USB.

There’s still a catch: The shiny new Vita 2000 has so far only been confirmed for Japan, where it launched last week. At this stage, we don’t know when – or if – the new handheld, in its six shiny colours, will be making it to other territories.

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