The Last of Us getting 4 new multiplayer maps

We know you were all over The Last of Us a few months ago, but have you dropped the undead adventure because something more shiny came along? Naughty Dog would like to entice you to come back, and they’re offering a handful of new multiplayer maps to sweeten the deal.

Virtually everybody lavished praise, love and attention over the game’s singleplayer mode, without even looking at multiplayer, but it’s still well worth a look in. This week, we get four new multiplayer maps, designed around elements of the singleplayer game.

Most specifically, “Hometown” offers a glimpse into Joel’s history with a map you may recognise from the opening sequence of the game. Other maps – Bookstore, Bus Depot and Suburbs – revisit some iconic locales from within the game.

All four will hit the airwaves tomorrow (check local networks for time), and will set you back around $10. That is, unless you have a season pass for The Last of Us – in which case, you’ve already paid for it, and saved money in the process!

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