Dark Horse to publish The Witcher comic books

Whoever would have guessed? We were promised “something special” would come from both Dark Horse and CD Projekt RED. Guess what! It’s a comic book series, based on the life of The Witcher himself, Geralt of Rivera.

Nick McWhorter, Director of Custom Programs at Dark Horse Comics discusses the franchise making the jump back to the printed page:

We’re very excited to work with CD Projekt RED on The Witcher. With the rich world they have created, and an enthralling central character like Geralt, we feel The Witcher is ripe to tell a compelling story through comics.

You catch up with Geralt in the land of the Angren, near the border of the Black Forest, where he’s speaking with a widowed man. The man’s now-dead wife still haunts the House of Glass, an eerie mansion well-suited to her murderous desires. Promising endless rooms and “horror around every corner”, Geralt, CD Projekt RED and Dark Horse are promising a frightening page-turner.

The first issue of The Witcher is due to hit comic book stores on March 19th, 2014.

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