Wolf Among Us delayed on Mac, stalled by DRM

Gamers around the world settled in for a fairy tale weekend, as Telltale Games took the wraps off of Fables tie-in The Wolf Among Us. But there were two groups of people who were not able to enjoy the game: Mac gamers, and fans who’d done “the right thing” by purchasing the game directly from Telltale’s online store.

First off, the Mac version: It was supposed to launch on October 11 alongside the PC version, but an “unforseen issue” cropped up at the last minute, preventing the game’s timely launch.

We don’t yet have a new release date, but Telltale is promising to have the Mac build live “within the next few days”.

While mac gamers may – unfortunately – be used to these delays, PC gamers who have bought the game direct from the publisher are not. Yet, they’re also being stung with a delay that could last a while.

The Steam version is live. The Telltale Store will need a bit longer this time. A faulty build was available for 10 minutes from the Telltale Store – do not attempt to install this version!

Adding insult to injury: Gamers are unable to play their games without registering. Registration requires logging onto the Telltale game servers – and these servers, since launch, have typically been either busy or down, effectively locking many fans out of the game.

While a small number of fans have been able to log in, Telltale Games has not released any statements or workarounds for the problem at this time – the studio has sent a Steam code to waiting gamers, but many report that the code has not arrived.

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