New video shows Steam Controller in action

It goes without saying that fans are divided over the Steam Controller. Happily, Valve understands that the way to heal that division is to provide more information – so today it’s released a video showing off the new controller in action.

We’re looking at the Steam Controller being used with an assortment of games – including Valve’s own Portal 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as RTS Civilization V and indie darling Papers, Please.

This gives us a glimpse of two very different situations: Games that have been modified specifically to work with the Steam Controller, and games that have not.

Want more of this? Tell Valve! …the studio is already promising to show off footage of game developers using the controller to play their own games. (We’re assuming the guys from Team Meat will be among them, having already spoken about their hands-on Steam Controller experiences.)

In case you’d forgotten, the Steam Controller is all part of Valve’s master plan to create a new hardware/software environment for PC games – the living room.

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