World of Tanks hands out Xbox 360 Beta bonuses

What are you doing this weekend? Want a tank or two? We can’t exactly offer you a real-world heavy armoured vehicle, but the folks at Wargaming can certainly give you one of the virtual kind – and they’re doing just that as part of a World of Tanks Xbox 360 Beta event on October 12-13.

There are three different events happening across the weekend, each one with its own rewards.

Firstly, if you complete 50 matches across the 48 hours of the weekend, you’ll snag an M22 Locust Tier III premium tank.

The next one will require a few (thousand) of your friends to get involved: A Ram II Tier V premium tank will be yours, as long as 10,000 players log in simultanously.

…and, in case you’re not up for either of these, just work on winning matches with all of your tanks: You’ll pick up a tasty XP bonus for the first win on each of your vehicle, plus 2,500 gold that you can use across the beta test.

Sound good? You will need an Xbox Live Gold account to jump online and get amongst it – or head to for more details, including the all-important start/finish times.

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