Trick or Treat? Costume Quest hits iOS

Whether or not you’re in a country that celebrates Halloween, you can still appreciate the greatness that is little kids dressing up in costumes. Double Fine certainly can – to the point where it made a game about it. And if you haven’t yet played Costume Quest, now’s your chance: The game’s just launched for iOS.

This is a lighthearted, adorable RPG based around – you guessed it – cute kids in cute costumes. A group of children have uncovered a fiendish plot, and must ward off evil! Happily, their chosen Halloween costumes have also given them special magic powers, so they’ve got a bit of an advantage.

…or maybe the whole thing is an elaborate bit of playtime, all acting out inside the kids’ imaginations…

We’ll never really know. One thing we do know is that Costume Quest is available right now on the App Store, complete with winter-holiday themed Grubbins on Ice DLC, if that’s the way you roll.

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