Mark the Calendar: Steam Dev Days hit Seattle

Valve is inviting video game professionals to Seattle in January, to take part in a brand new event: Steam Dev Days. If you haven’t heard about it yet, that’s okay – it’s invitation-only and, from the looks of things, pretty exclusive.

Steam Dev Days: A relaxed, off the record environment

Steam Dev Days: A relaxed, off the record environment

Don’t go hoping that you’ll catch up on all the gossip through the media presence at the event: Steam Dev Days is completely “off the record” – no media or press allowed – as it’s been designed specifically as a relaxed environment for video game professionals.

So why is this interesting? We’re promised discussions on “game economies, virtual reality, Linux/OpenGL, user-generated content, and more” – and developers will be given the opportunity to play around and provide feedback on Steam OS, Steam Machines and Steam Controllers. All of that is in addition to the shared design and industry expertise, roundtable discussions and industry veteran lectures.

Even though we won’t be able to be there – or hear anything from it directly – this is the sort of event that will echo through the industry for quite a while afterward.

For more information, head to and check out the FAQ.

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