Drakengard 3 brings hack'n'slash to PS3

Don’t focus all your attentions on the new-generation platforms – there’s still some plenty decent stuff happening for consoles that are out now. Square Enix has just confirmed Drakengard 3 is headed exclusively to PS3 in 2014, providing a prequel to the original story.

The Intoners – six goddess-like sisters – have brought peace to earth through song. But the idyllic situation is shattered when eldest sister, Zero, attempts to murder her sisters. Your task is to uncover Zero’s true intentions, and unravel the mystery surrounding the Intoners – all without upsetting dragon companion Mikhail!

Face off against hordes of “fiends and foes” in some pretty intense hack’n’slash combat, featuring the Drakengard signature brand of action. Many of the game’s diverse enemies can only be defeated with the correct weaponry, in the correct combination. Unleash devastating combo attacks, and if it’s too much for you – harness the power of your mighty dragon.

Drakengard 3, as you might expect, is the third title in the series, headed exclusively to PS3 some time in 2014.

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