Doodle Jump bounces its way to Nintendo

Remember Doodle Jump? Did you ever forget it? The jump-em-up mobile game is #3 in the all-time best-selling iTunes charts. It’s credited with selling a ridiculous amount of smartphones when it first came out back in 2009, and now it’s set to take over two all-new platforms, thanks to Nintendo.

[img_big]center,7070,2013-10-09/Doodle_Jump_Screen3.jpg,Doodle Jump[/img_big]

Doodle Jump Journey is headed to Nintendo DS, while Doodle Jump Adventures sets its sights on the Nintendo 3DS.

Both games are in the works at Smoking Gun Interactive, but series creator Lima Sky is happy with the progress. Company co-founder Igor Pusenjak explains:

Nintendo is synonymous with great platformers, adorable characters and on-the-go gaming. Doodle Jump is a natural fit on Nintendo’s handhelds. We’re thrilled to bring the Doodler to audiences that have yet to meet him while bringing great new adventures to our existing fans.

Those new adventures remain true to the accessible, award-winning designs of the original Doodle Jump – but also throws in a few more bits and pieces to keep it interesting.

Doodle Jump Journey features the franchise’s three original themes (Classic, Jungle, and Space) in Endless Mode.

On 3DS, you’ll also have exclusive content – a brand new Adventure mode featuring 48 new levels of fun challenges – plus Endless mode to keep you happy.

No release date on either of these just yet, but we’re promised “later this year” in the U.S. at least – hopefully the rest of the world won’t be too far behind!

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