BioShock 2 boosts Steam, drops GfWL

When it was announced that Games for Windows Live would shut down in 2014, it left many fans wondering about the future of their favourite games. While we can’t vouch for all of them, we do now know what’s going to happen to BioShock 2 – and it’s good news for all concerned.

[img_big]center,744,2010-11-17/BioShock_2_E3_Screenshot_2.jpg,BioShock 2[/img_big]

Simply put, no matter where you’ve bought the game, you’ll be able to enter your BioShock 2 key into Steam and redeem it. To make the deal even sweeter, redeeming the base game will also unlock all of the associated DLC packs, including Minerva’s Den.

The same thing works if you buy BioShock 2 on Steam directly, starting today – and if you’ve already got BioShock 2 on Steam but have been unable to access Minerva’s Den because it was locked to GfWL, now’s your chance: It’s all been unlocked for you.

There’s a catch: Saved games and any multiplayer character progress on Games for Windows Live will not transfer to the Steam version, so you’ll have to start again. That said, you’ll be starting again with controller compatibilities and Big Picture mode, so it’s not all bad.

It’s a (relatively) simple procedure, just a matter of Activating a product in your Steam client. If you have any dramas, 2K Games is ready and waiting to help.

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