CD Projekt RED + Dark Horse = something special

We know you love announcements of announcements, so here’s a brand new one for you: Witcher developer CD Projekt RED is teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to create …something. We don’t know what it is yet, and won’t find out until New York Comic-Con, next weekend.

There’s a mystery near the edge of the Black Forest. We’d like to invite you to fear it with us.

We’re promised “something truly special for fans of the fantasy genre”, as part of the Comic-Con panel Full Color Fantasy: Fantasy Comics Past, Present, and Future – 1:30-2:30pm, Friday October 11 in room 1A14 at the Javitz Center.

This isn’t really a surprising move – CD Projekt RED has long been associated with books and literature. The Witcher series came out of a Polish fantasy novel series, with the third in the franchise due out “sometime” in 2014.

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