Blizzard trademarks "Heroes of the Storm"

With BlizzCon just a month away, Blizzard has apparently registered a brand new trademark, suggesting that the expo may play host to a new gaming announcement.

Heroes of the Storm is a typically Blizzard title, evoking all sorts of images and ideas – meaning internet sleuths are speculating wildly.

Blizzard All-Stars

Are these your Heroes?

On the surface, it doesn’t have a Warcraft ring to it, leading fans to quickly discard the idea of a new World of Warcraft expansion. It does feel quite StarCraft-y, but with the third part of the StarCraft II trilogy still in the works, it seems unlikely that Blizzard would announce something new so soon.

Remaining options include something to do with new virtual card game Hearthstone, but with details of the registration including game discs, the download-only game’s been ruled out.

The new registration – filed at the New Zealand Intellectual Property Officecould be the official name for Titan, the brand new MMO we’v been teased with for years now, but that still doesn’t feel ‘right’.

Instead, the winning theory is that Heroes of the Storm is a new name – and maybe a new focus – for Blizzard’s MOBA project. Currently called Blizzard All-stars, formerly Blizzard DOTA, and originally an official mod for StarCraft 2, there are certainly plenty of Heroes involved.

We’ve been hanging out for more news on the project for years now, but the studio’s remained quiet. The game was first revealed at BlizzCon, so it makes sense for it to return for its official unveiling as a fully-fledged, retail product.

Whatever it is, all eyes will be on Anaheim in the first weekend of November, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Heroes of the Storm.

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