Sorry: Half-Life 3 not listed on Steam Store

In the interests of full disclosure, I’m admitting: We got fooled. A little game called Half-Life 3 has not popped up on the Steam Store – but it really has shown up as a European trademark registration.

Half-Life 3

Available: Fall 2013

While we’re sitting here feeling remarkably stupid over falling for an elaborate hoax website that promised the game would arrive in “Fall 2013”, we’d like to mention that the discovery really did coincide with Valve‘s application to register the trademark Half-Life 3 with the Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union. (It’s impossible to link directly to the filing, but head to the CTM-Online database and search for Trade mark no 012180394.)

Valve, of course, is staying tight-lipped. Grain of salt: The registration could just be a protection measure against someone else snapping up the name. Whatever the truth is: The internet is alight with the concept that this could – finally – herald the second third coming of Gordon Freeman.

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