Minecraft blamed as boy takes weapons to school

A nine-year old boy has been sentenced to home confinement after reportedly taking multiple weapons – including a handgun, a steak knife and a sledgehammer – to school. The boy’s father claims his son was acting out a character he learned in a video game: Minecraft, a game that is used as a learning tool in many schools.

A wolf, in Minecraft


The boy gloated to his friends at school about having the weapons, which he took from his father’s home. The friends then reported him to a teacher, who called the authorities. Police charged the boy with possession of a concealed weapon, possession of a firearm on school grounds and possession of a firearm by a minor. The boy’s father reports that the gun could never be fired, as its firing pin had been removed, but that didn’t stop the 9yr old from knowing where the firearm – and the magazine full of bullets – could be found.

The boy’s father also told local media WFTV that video games – including Minecraft – were no longer allowed in his house.

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