Binding of Isaac gets behind-the-scenes doco

Believe it or not, while it seems like only yesterday, The Binding of Isaac hit PCs two years ago. It’s sold more than 2 million copies since, which means there’s a whole lotta gamers out there who want to know more about the somewhat unusual dungeon crawl action title. Luckily, Team Meat has come to your rescue.

If you’ve got a spare half-hour or so, consider sitting down with Edmund McMillen from Team Meat as he explains some of the “personal aspects of the games design and reasons behind most of the game’s themes and mechanics”.

McMillen explains:

From the army of lets players to the devoted creative fan base making and releasing Isaac has opened my eyes to how something so seemingly personal can inspire so many awesome people.

Now – if you’re on the other side of the coin, if you’ve never played The Binding of Isaac, and you really want to after seeing what went into its development – you’re in luck. The game’s currently 80% off on Steam, so this is a great time to jump straight in.

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