Xbox Fitness: Extreme workouts on your console

Your Xbox One will probably make you throw up. Not due to motion sickness, but because Microsoft has just announced plans for Xbox Fitness, a new online service that turns your gaming console into your work-out partner. And while it looks pretty awesome, the inclusion of brands like P90X, Jillian Horton and INSANITY mean that it’s set to be pretty intense, to say the least.

On the surface, Xbox Fitness takes a whole bunch of fitness videos and makes them available to you in one handy location. You could do a different workout every week for a year and never need to double-up – and you’d still have plenty left over for the next 12 months.

…what makes this unique though is the way Kinect technology is being used with the fitness videos. The precision technology in Kinect 2.0 means Xbox Fitness will be able to monitor the tempo of your movements, track the muscle groups you’re using most, analyse your form and even read your heart rate just by “looking” at you – something that all adds up to a pretty impressive way of measuring your progress.

Shaun T from fitness brand Insanity explains:

What makes Xbox Fitness so innovative is the feedback it gives you. The Kinect sensor can evaluate your form, tell how high you’re jumping, how hard you’re punching and even read your heart rate. It’s that little missing piece of validation that hasn’t been possible for home fitness products before. Xbox Fitness completes the puzzle.

There are also challenges thrown in to keep things interesting, friendly scoreboards and a complete performance history for you to look over in your own time.

It won’t just watch and report, either. Xbox Fitness will also deliver personalised program recommendations based on how you’re doing (and how often you’re doing it).

If you’d planned to relax and let go over the holidays, Microsoft has other plans: Xbox Fitness will launch in the next few months, just in time for your New Year’s Resolution.

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