Petition for Grand Theft Auto V PC cracks 500,000

Grand Theft Auto V continues to roll on, with the launch of a three-album soundtrack on iTunes, and analysts predicting sales of upwards of 25 million in its first year of release. Of course, those sales will only be on Xbox 360 and PS3, but more than 500,000 PC fans are making their feelings known.

The petition for a PC version of GTA V now has more than half a million signatures, following a significant boost in names after the game’s launch. More than 50,000 of those signatures came in just the past few days.

The number’s an impressive one, until you compare it to the numbers Rockstar is talking. The game sold more than $800 million worth in three days – these demanding PC fans are a drop in the bucket compared to what it can already sell on console.

Still, stranger things have happened, and we may well see Franklin, Michael and Trevor on our PC screens – just not any time particularly soon.

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