Infinity Blade III patched: Only on iOS 7

Donald Mustard, founder and creative director Infinity Blade III developer ChAIR Entertainment updated his Twitter a few hours ago with a simple statement: Infinity Blade 3 update out now. Fixes stuff. Fairly straightforward, no? …but there’s a catch.

The update for Epic Games‘ latest iOS release does indeed fix a whole bunch of stuff:

  • Fixes crashing experienced by some players on iPhone 5S.
  • Server optimizations for cloud saves, purchase of in-game currency (IAP), and decreased initial load times for the game.
  • Fixes several spots where players could potentially get stuck.
  • Adds “Enable Cloud Saves” option. Please note: This effectively turns all cloud saving off by default. Players who do not update will no longer be able to use cloud save.
  • Availability of the Imagine Dragon axe for players with devices low on memory.
  • Fixes funky looking textures on the Worker of Secrets

The problem, of course, is that this update will only be applied if you’ve already upgraded to iOS 7. If you haven’t… then you’re stuck playing the current version of the game, in all its buggy glory (complete with “funky looking textures”).

ChAIR explains that the issue is Apple‘s fault – the studio can currently only support the latest operating system, but we’re promised another update is due “next month” when Apple allows iOS 6 support to return.

Infinity Blade III was revealed earlier this month as part of the Apple iPhone 5S/5C event, and has been plagued with issues since release.

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