Shadow Warrior is bringin' swordfighting back

Earlier this week, we spotted Shadow Warrior had been given an R18+ rating in Australia, and we assumed we’d hear more about the game in the lead-up to launch. Little did we know, the game’s launching today, so here’s an update (and a video) to bring you up to speed!

Shadow Warrior, which got the adult rating due to – surprise! – “High impact violence”, is a single-player, first-person shooter that also features more than a little first-person slashing. Take enemies out with your gun or your katana and stroll down Memory Lane with this nostalgic affair.

…if you’d prefer something a little more recent, Flying Wild Hog has also confirmed that the game will also feature the “iconic” Saints Row weapon, the penetrator.

Shadow Warrior has been rebooted by Flying Wild Hog, the Polish studio behind the 2011 release Hard Reset – and is available right now on Steam.

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