Legacy of Kain reborn in free-to-play Nosgoth

The Legacy of Kain series is not as dead as you might have thought: Square Enix has just announced a brand new title in the universe, heading in a completely different direction. Nosgoth lets you choose between Humans and Vampires, for a bit of competitive, team-based action in a new, free-to-play multiplayer experience.

Choosing a side could have little to do with what you personally align with, and more to do with your gameplay style:

Humans are armed for the hunt with some impressively devastating ranged weaponry, while their Vampire cousins are better at close-combat melee attacks packed with inhuman force.

…we don’t have too many more details on this one juuust yet, but if you’re already intrigued, you can sign up for Nosgoth closed beta access right now, just by heading to their website.

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