Company of Heroes expands: Theater of War DLC

Strategy fans, listen up: The already-expansive Company of Heroes 2 has just gotten even bigger, with the release of all-new DLC. As of right now, a brand new Theater of War has been added, with new single-player and co-operative experiences based around the German Case Blue real-world campaign.

Set in 1942, the Case Blue mini-pack puts you into the boots of the German army, fighting into the heart of Soviet Russia. This one spans two new solo challenges, a co-op scenario and two exciting AI battles.

It’s not all Case Blue, though. The Company of Heroes 2 update aso includes two new multiplayer maps. Kharkov is described as an industrial cityscape, with key choke points requiring great strategy, and plenty of close-quarters combat. If you’d prefer something on a larger scale, the second new map – Rostov – is the one for you. Six players duke it out in the expansive terrain surrounding a frozen river.

Both Kharkov and Rostov are completely free for everyone who has Company of Heroes 2, and will be added to multiplayer online rosters.

If you pre-ordered the game, or if you have either the Collector’s Edition or Digital Collector’s Edition, you’ll get the new DLC for free. If you didn’t – that’ll be $9.99, thanks!

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