PS4 exclusive Deep Down is free-to-play

In news sure to confuse some gamers, flagship PS4 exclusive Deep Down will be free-to-play. Capcom made the announcement at last week’s Tokyo Game Show, where it also confirmed the game would kick off an open beta test in February-ish, some time near the Japanese PS4 launch.

The news was confirmed on Twitter, by Sony Worldwide Studios head honcho Shuhei Yoshida:

Capcom just announced that “deep down” will be a f2p game on PS4, planning open Beta near the launch of PS4 in Japan.

Capcom has been keeping fairly quiet on the upcoming dungeon crawler, but we do know that it will feature online multiplayer for up to four players. Each adventure will be procedurally generated, and the game takes place in a futuristic New York City full of dragons and knights.

More details – we hope – are coming soon.

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