Tournaments coming to Spartacus Legends

Two months after release, Ubisoft has announced that Spartacus Legends is to be updated, with brand new player vs player battle tournaments arriving shortly, pitting gladiator against gladiator to determine the Champion of Capua.

Spartacus Legends was Australia’s first R-rated free-to-play game back in January, and it finally fought its way onto both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in August.

Some Spartacus Legends details

Some Spartacus Legends details

Since then, more than four million gamers have stepped onto the sand to battle it out. Ubisoft has released an infographic to show off some other tidbits:

  • 4 million active players
  • 140 million gladiator matches fought
  • 17 million slaves purchased to battle as gladiators
  • 18 million faces cut off, enough to plaster the walls around ancient Rome, twice
  • 28 million dismembered limbs, laid end to end span the distance between North and South Poles
  • 56 million executions, more than the population of Spain
  • 70 million gallons of blood spilt, enough to overflow the Colosseum

Back to the Tournaments, though: Those who take part will receive in-game rewards. Want limited edition equipment, gold, or the chance to earn your own unique gladiator title? You’ve got to be in it to win it!

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