38 Studios IP to be sold later this month

The long, drawn-out saga of 38 Studios could be about to come to an end, as the intellectual properties for Kingdoms of Amalur and Project Copernicus are prepared for auction later this month.

The games will be joined by other IPs previously owned by subsidiary Big Huge Games, reports local news channel WPRI.

38 Studios collapsed a year and a half ago, leaving behind a US$90 million debt to the state of Rhode Island. An earlier auction raised just $180,000.

Court-appointed receiver, attorney Richard Land, explains that things haven’t gone smoothly:

The process is taking longer than we anticipated for a variety of reasons including the complexity of the game itself. We have engaged an auctioneer and they are developing an Internet marketplace – or website – to market the game.

That website will go live sometime later this month, and Land comments that there has “already been interest” in the IP, but refuses to speculate on prices. He points out that while “the artwork is current, the tech used to develop the artwork is current, the concept is a current concept”, whoever buys the game may not choose to use it to complete the in-progress MMO.

Rhode Island state police is still investigating whether criminal charges will be filed in connection to the 38 Studios deal.

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