First SimCity expansion pack: Cities of Tomorrow

As if building an entire city on your computer wasn’t futuristic enough, EA has leapt even further ahead with the announcement of the first expansion pack for SimCity. Cities of Tomorrow is currently in development for Mac and PC, and you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on it: This one’s launching November 14th.

The premise is simple. Take advantage of new technologies, urban planning techniques and other developments, as you boost your city 50 years into the future.

Patrick Buechner, General Manager at Maxis Emeryville asks the question:

Will the world of tomorrow be a utopia powered by clean energy or an industrial society consumed by mass commercialism?

Buechner continues:

With SimCity Cities of Tomorrow, players can build the future as they imagine it. Transport your Sims on MagLev, power your cities with fusion reactors or tidal wave generators, manufacture a legion of drones to serve your Sims and build massive MegaTowers that dwarf modern skyscrapers. We’re giving you plausible technologies to take your cities onto a journey 50 years into the future. What will you create?

You’d think 50 years wouldn’t make that much difference, but this new expansion pack gives you a whole bunch of new ideas. New technologies, new transportation methods, new regions, new city specialisations – and a new direction. For the first time in SimCity history, you can build vertically, taking advantage of multi-zoned MegaTowers that reach to the sky.

Keep your citizens educated, and they’ll research and discover technologies to make your city less reliant on natural resources, less polluted and fueled by green energies. You may even get service drones to step in and do all the dirty work!

…oh, and did we mention there’s a bunch of all-new disasters waiting to be unleashed?

The Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack for SimCity is set to launch on PC and Mac from November 14th – pre-orders will start “soon” on the official SimCity website.

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