Dante's Inferno sets sights on the big screen

Dante’s Inferno is being made into a film, which is kind of interesting and kind of scary. Making the scales tip more into the “interesting” category: Director Fede Alvarez is officially in talks to bring the game to the big screen – and Alvarez is best known for his remake of Evil Dead.

[img_big]center,1493,2010-11-17/screen_000104.jpg,Dante’s Inferno[/img_big]

We haven’t heard much from the franchise for a while now – sequel rumours bubbled up in late 2011, but otherwise it’s kept pretty quiet. Universal actually picked up the film rights to the game seven years ago, seemingly interested in making an action-oriented film based on the game based on the epic poem.

Dante’s Inferno didn’t stick strictly to the plot of the poem – the third-person title threw Dante Aligheri into the action as a knight, who has become a pawn in the battle between Heaven and Hell as he attempts to rescue his beloved Beatrice. It was well received, but disappeared quickly in a sea of other character-action games.

Now though, it looks like we may be about to get some more: The script is currently being written by Jay Basu, who picked up the task from Bruce McKenna. Other members of the development team are currently working on the Need for Speed adaptation, or recently wrapped work on Robocop.

Of course, no dates, no names, no promises. But it’s interesting regardless, right?

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