Celebrate Pirates' Day in World of Warrrr-craft

September 19th is – officiallyInternational Talk Like A Pirate Day. Around the world, people are dusting off eyepatches and preparing for a rollicking day filled with terrible jokes. As well as all that, in the World of Warcraft, gamers are preparing for an exciting in-game event: Pirates’ Day!

World of Warcraft: Pirates' Day

World of Warcraft: Pirates’ Day

Rumor has it that Dread Captain DeMeza herself will invade Booty Bay, bringing corsairs and cannons to fire on approaching vessels. Keep an eye out for First Mate Hapana, and expect to see commoners in pirate garb in capital cities. Ask them to help you dress like a pirate, and join in the fun.

To get in on all the action, you’ll need to set the coordinates to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale. Grab a seaworthy costume and head up to the roof of the bank and auction house. Try not to upset the Booty Bay Bruisers and chat with Dread Captain DeMeza – you’ll be turned into a pirate for 12 hours, as an honorary crew member.

(Technically speaking, it’s the Dread Corsair buff – and you can turn it off – but if you’d rather, it’ll stick with you through combat, mounting, death, hornpipes, saying “Arrrr!” and – according to Blizzard – “most acts of piracy”.)

Grab some grog, /dance on the rooftop, and find out what Baron Revilgaz thinks of the invading bilge-rats. There’s even 10 achievement points up for offer if you share a drink or two!

Arrrr, mateys. What ye be waitin’ for? Summon the mizzen mast! Polish yer pegleg! There’s piratin’ to be done!

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