Riddick: The Merc Files steps out of the shadows

What do you know – Vin Diesel was onto something! There really is a new title in the Riddick saga, as Riddick: The Merc Files is confirmed from Tigon Studios. It’s out right now but, of course, there’s a catch. It’s for mobile devices only.

Like Diesel hinted at earlier, he’s assembled an all-star team to work on The Merc Files, including developers who worked on Assault on Dark Athena and Jens Larsson, who was Lead Designer on Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.

Now with new studio Gaming Corps, Larsson is happy to be back with the franchise, as he explains the jump from more traditional platforms:

To tonally match the latest Riddick movie, the mobile platforms are perfect for the game play experience we wanted to deliver, which is one of Stealth-Action combined with an ‘all hell breaks loose’ shooter. The game will evolve and expand through updates to provide an intensive layered experience to the player.

The new game is a touch-based stealth action outing, and while it’s not outright based on new movie Riddick: Rule the Dark, it has close ties. You step into Riddick’s shoes once more, and the iconic anti-hero must avoid the mercenaries intent on dispatching him.

This raises a number of issues – if you’re careless and let the bodies lie where they fall, the mercenaries will find them and realise you must still be nearby. If they find you, the game switches focus from stealth to all-out attack.

We’re promised new content packs released “regularly”, adding new core features (like traps and lures), as well as brand new levels to play.

…the best part of today’s news? You won’t have to wait to play. Riddick: The Merc Files is available right now on the App Store, so if you can wade through the iOS 7 traffic, you’re good to go.

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