Red Cross joins SimCity for disaster relief DLC

This is one batch of DLC you shouldn’t be too upset about paying for: Ten National Red Cross Societies have teamed up with Electronic Arts to provide digital content for SimCity, as well as a hefty donation to charity.

SimCity mayors are well known for their ability to deal with disasters in the digital realm, so this new deal will see them contributing to disaster recoveries in the real world, too.

A Red Cross Relief Centre in SimCity

A Red Cross Relief Centre in SimCity

The DLC includes a Red Cross Relief Centre and two vehicles that will roam the city in response to natural disasters. The Relief Centre will supplement your in-game emergency services by popping up Red Cross tents in various locations, following a meteor strike, an earthquake or a tornado. Rather than taking all injured civilians to the hospital, some will now be taken to the Red Cross tent, which will prevent them being critically injured. As the city recovers, the tents will disappear, releasing 10 healthy Sims back into the city.

Mark Astarita, Director of Fundraising at the British Red Cross explains:

This creative partnership with SimCity will help us reach a new audience and raise awareness of the work of the Red Cross during real world disasters. This will bring the Red Cross to life for gamers in an exciting and interactive way while raising vital funds to support our work helping people in crisis in the UK and overseas.

The Red Cross content will be on sale for a year, and playable after that. It will cost £7.99 or equivalent in your territory, and 80% of your payment will go to support humanitarian services of the involved Red Cross National Societies. Regardless of how many people buy the pack, EA will donate a minimum of $100,000.

The Red Cross Societies involved include: The American Red Cross, The British Red Cross Society, The Danish Red Cross, The Finnish Red Cross, The French Red Cross, The German Red Cross, The Italian Red Cross, The Norwegian Red Cross, The Spanish Red Cross, and The Swedish Red Cross.

Would you like to know more? Head to the Origin Store to find out about the pack.

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