Beyond: Two Souls takes a moment to look back

Even though the official release of Beyond: Two Souls is less than a month away, we still don’t really know much about the latest from Quantic Dream. Today’s trailer won’t really shed much light on the topic, but if you want to know more about Jodie Holmes, here’s your chance.

The decisions you make in-game will change the way Beyond: Two Souls plays out, spanning 15 years of Jodie’s life. Jodie – played by Ellen Page – is trying to discover her mysterious origin and uncover the details of her unknown past, all with a little supernatural influence.

If you want to know more, sit tight: A trial version of Beyond will arrive on the PlayStation Store from October 1st, so you can check out two gameplay levels a bit early.

A week later – October 8 in North America and October 11 in Europe – the full game arrives, exclusively for PlayStation 3.

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