Firefall suspends PvP modes so Red 5 can rethink

Red 5 doesn’t seem to know quite what it wants to do with Firefall. CEO Mark Kern has stepped up to the microphone and announced that the studio is suspending the PvP aspect of the MMO, to “regroup, rethink, and deliver the best PvP system we can that can be enjoyed by everyone”.

The game was initially designed with a focus on PvP, but it seems that things change:

PvP has suffered as our focus has had to focus on the popular PvE part of our game. People want more content, fewer bugs, and more polish on these world systems. For these reasons, we have made the tough decision to suspend PvP and take the system offline so that we can rethink it and relaunch it. PvP is an important part of our game, and we want to get it right.

It’s the latest in a long line of changes for Firefall – the MMO has been in development for years now, and the game we saw at the studio in 2010 is very different to the game we saw in January, and even that is very different to the game that launched in open beta in July.

Jetball, the previous PvP effort in Firefall, attracted less than 3% of the game’s players. Kern was hesitant to offer a timeline for either the suspension of PvP or its glorious return, explaining simply that something like this will happen “when it’s ready”.

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