Dead Rising 3 R18+ in AU, Killer Instinct is not

Two Xbox One exclusive games have popped up on the Australian Classification Board database, and while Dead Rising 3 got the sort of rating we were anticipating, the rebooted Killer Instinct is a little surprising.

When it comes to survival horror games, Dead Rising 3 ticks all the boxes – literally. The Classification Board has labelled this one R18+ in Australia, for “High impact violence, blood and gore”. There are also strong impact themes and sexual content, and moderate impact language and nudity. In-game drug use is non-existent.

For a game that’s set among a massive zombie outbreak, where you have to escape the city before the government sets off a military strike to wipe it out, this is about what we’d expect. Earlier games in the series were bloody, scary and “adult”, so this one – with three times as many zombies on-screen – should be no exception.


Killer Instinct is a fighting game, inspired by the likes of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. While the second of those two is getting more and more violent, KI is erring on the side of caution. The upcoming reboot promises traditional combo-based gameplay, a new “Instinct Mode”, and a whole bunch of polish and shine.

…what it’s not getting is a whole lot of bloody violence. Of course, there’s a little bit – and the experience “may change online”, but the game itself has been rated M, meaning anyone in Australia can pick it up and play.

Both Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3 are due out alongside the Xbox One when it launches, November 22nd.

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