Child of Light shines in reveal trailer

After hinting about it last month, Ubisoft has taken the wraps off of Child of Light, and gamers around the world have fallen in love with this modern retelling of classic fairy tales. With gameplay described as “akin to stepping into an interactive painting”, the team at Ubisoft Montreal have brought original concept art directly into the gameworld, giving fans a visual spectacular as they explore the world of Lemuria.

Patrick Plourde, creative director on the project, explains:

Ubisoft’s strengths include its diversity and the freedom it gives its creative teams. We want Child of Light to be like a playable poem, a love letter to art and video games.

You play as Aurora, a child stolen from her home. In order to return, she must find the stars, the sun and the moon – all held captive by the Queen of the Night. The world you explore is dotted with mysteries and turn-by-turn combat (inspired by classic JRPGS), as Aurora and her companion Igniculus the firefly face their darkest fears, dragons and other mystical creatures.

No date or release window has been hinted at for Child of Light just yet, but it will arrive as a digital download for PC as well as both current and new-generation consoles when it finally gets here.

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