Lemmings Touch marches onto PlayStation Vita

It’s time to march blindly forward, gamers: d3t has confirmed that Lemmings Touch is headed to the PlayStation Vita, and it’s packing a few surprises alongside the much-beloved classic gameplay.

Lemmings Touch

Lemmings Touch

If the name seems familiar, this isn’t the first time d3t has picked up the little green-haired guys: In fact, Lemmings Touch has been in the works since the PlayStation Mobile entry into the franchise. The team has taken everybody’s feedback on board, and the result is an “extraordinarily refined and enjoyable experience”.

Jamie Campbell from d3t explains:

Everyone loves Lemmings, and as the name “Lemmings Touch” suggests, the “touch” aspect is something that we’ve implemented throughout the game, from the menus to the 100 incredible levels with a beautiful touch and swipe interface that’s very intuitive and easy to use.

There are 100 levels in the works, including new themed levels like Space (complete with rockets) and Candy Land (with edible sweets). Where previous games in the series have simply let you choose roles for your little Lemmings, Touch will introduce an assortment of touch-based gameplay. Your task now also includes sliding platforms, aiming cannons or moving objects away from the little critters.

One thing is different, this time around: “Not all Lemmings are quite what they seem…” Stay tuned.

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